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my new heat-changing TARDIS mug arrived broken. I laughed. it’s like some weird cosmic game where my heat-changing TARDIS mug is continually broken or damaged and maybe it’s some kind of expression of ‘I can’t have nice things’ or something.

I fell asleep catching up on tumblr and reading a Wonder Woman comic book and woke to find my glasses underneath me in bed, and I am really lucky they are still intact.

today is Cody’s class play, he is Galahad. his dad and stepmom and grandma are going to be there. I need that ‘I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway’ thing. because ugh. of course I want them there for Cody. I just don’t have the energy to talk to them.

my supervisor got her brother, who lives in Missouri, to friend me on facebook some months ago because we have so many similar interests. we’ve been talking and he’s great and I like talking with him. and he’s decided to come visit my supervisor next month and we will meet while he’s here and the last guy who came out and visited doesn’t even talk to me anymore so I’m feeling really anxious although at least this time he’s not just coming to see me so even if he hates me that’s not a waste of his time I guess.

anyway. it’s still only fucking Tuesday, what is that about?? xoxoxoxo

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Cody sewed this dalek in handwork class at school. he still plans to put
the dots on, but today was his last handwork class. :) xoxoxoxo

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when I think about 


I think

it must be

so soft

like a whisper

like the opposite

of standing

at the edge of the ocean 

and the way the waves

shift the sand

to hold your feet

so you belong there

like some

gentle acceptance

of the space

where you once were