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3 asks from the other day…

Asks :)
1.) Favorite book? Author?

oh man. I am so bad at choosing favorites. I am going to link you to this post I wrote about favorite books like two years ago. it’s all still pretty relevant, and though I’ve read lots of books in the last two years, I don’t think any would knock those authors and books out of their spots. :)

2.) What you imagined you’d be doing at this age when you were younger.

oh… well, when I was young, I wanted to be a veterinarian, a therapist, and a bookshop owner at different times. I still want to be a therapist. that’s my goal and plan if ever grad school happens. and I would also work (or live) in a bookshop if I could. of course,  I never pictured that at the age of 31 I’d have a kid who’s about to turn 12, but that’s a pretty great thing.  and I certainly imagined I’d be married and all that, but I also haven’t regretted that of any of my past actual relationships are over, so that’s something. :)

3.) Some random thing you feel like sharing?

 this is the one I got stuck on… I can’t think of anything you might want to know! but I don’t want to keep hoarding this post in my drafts, so I’ll just say this: if you are curious about anything, please feel free to ask. (this goes for all of you) I’ll answer privately if I’m uncomfortable putting it on my blog. 


thank YOU! :) you’re a joy to get to know. xoxoxoxo

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dangerdtm asked: Good news, Jules! The teefury for today, March 3, is an excellent Doctor Who/doctor's staff mashup on a black t-shirt - which looks rather sharp if I may say so myself. I believe this one warrants serious consideration as a must-buy. Hooray!


you are so right, I love this design. thanks for doing the important works, Dan!! ordered it. :) ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxo

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jennhoney asked: You have NEVER EVER typed like that Jules but, there is always tomorrow <3

hahahaha, no I really have! I just mostly fix it before I send. but it FEELS like that because that’s what happens when typo.

I have caught so many things I’ve misspelled or homonyms I’ve misused this week, but it will probably be okay. at least I can blame sleep-deprivation, I’ll have to question my right to use words if it keeps happening when I’m sleeping. I mean getting sleep. I’ll have to question a lot of things if it keeps happening while I’m asleep. xoxoxoxoxoxo

[I meant to reply privately, but it doesn’t really matter, probably…]

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thegingeredmess asked: I adore you! Have I told you yet today? Also: S.

I adore YOU! 

from this… things I love that start with S:

stars, silliness, sending stuff to people, superheroes, some sea creatures, science fiction, science, sweetness, soup, sugar, some songs, stories…

I think it said I was supposed to say one thing. hahaha. ♥♥♥ xoxoxoxoxo

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Anonymous asked: here's a thought, NECK YOURSELF :D

hmmm. so, I’m unfamiliar with this, but apparently it’s a phrase that means hang yourself? which, you know, is kind of an asshole thing to leave in an askbox, anon. also, since I can’t even stand to wear turtlenecks or have a scarf too close to my throat, that’s not going to happen in any dimension of reality. 

although, if you mean neck like as in cuddling, that’s ALL that ever happens around here. so, thanks for the encouragement or something?


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penguindownunder asked: Recently you posted about a book for the kindle that I thought sounded interesting. I'm searching without success on your page, if you recall, would you please remind me? It was a story about a girl. . . I kind of forget! Ooops! Love you on xmas!

is it this novel? it looked super interesting to me! I love you!! xoxoxoxoxo

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blessedarethegeek asked: 26,27,53 (this should serve as a reminder to eat today), 117-Christmas plans?

(from these)

26: What colour is the shirt you are wearing?

um, it’s blue, with cookie monster on it. because I’m still in jim-jams. hahaha 

27: Do people ever call you by your last name?

oh, when I was on crew, and maybe back in the softball days, I think maybe they did… I feel like there have been guy friends in high school who did. you know, my last name is kind of funny and people sometimes like to say it, but it hasn’t been a regular thing for people to call me by my last name. :)

53: What was the last thing you ate?

this is a reminder that I need to eat… because the last thing I ate was some frosting, yesterday evening. thank you for the reminder!! I will eat, and almost immediately. 

117-Christmas plans?

on Christmas Eve, we go to a friend’s house and have French onion soup and salad, and then we walk to a nearby cemetery where lots of people from the neighborhood meet and we sing carols by candlelight, and Santa comes at the end to bring presents for the kids, and then we go back to our friends’ house and have hot toddies and watch an animated holiday something while the kids open their gifts, and then we go home. on Christmas Day, we make apple schmarren and scrambled eggs and open stockings and have hot chocolate and then we do presents and clean up and play with our new stuff. we like to not have anywhere to go. :)

thanks Brandon!! love to you, my friend!! xoxoxoxo

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clairesalcedo asked: 5, 10, & 39!

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5: What were you doing at 11PM last night?

I was knitting and listening to Christmas music and trying to get Cody to stay in bed, I think? and waiting for updates from mom, whose flights were delayed coming home. (she made it)

10: What are you listening to?

the Lumineers - Slow it Down. I am really loving the Lumineers!

39: Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone?

if I do, it’s probably only because it’s never come up. there are people I would trust with every story I have, as long as it’s mine to tell. I mean, I do have secrets that I haven’t told because they aren’t mine, obviously. 

thanks, Claire!!! I love you!! ♥ xoxoxoxoxo

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mraoo asked: I was wondering if you could help me with the reply problem? I have Missing E installed and it says ignore instead of block and there's no speech bubble to click. :/

yes! I am trying to help someone else with the same problem… also, the ‘block’ switched to ‘ignore’ after about a day, so mine says ‘ignore’ now, too. :)

so, the first thing is that having the widescreen dashboard gets rid of the speech bubble…

and the next thing I want to ask is if you have double-checked your missing e social features to make sure reply replies are still switched on?

sometimes these things get reset accidentally. :)

let me know if that helps?


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Anonymous asked: Yes, dear, I have Missing E... But my 'ignore' button is completely hoovering the bubble..

hmmm, do you have the Widescreen Dashboard option checked in missing e? when I tested that, I can only see about half of the ignore button, and none of the speech bubble… Jamie, this might be what is going on for you, too?

maybe try undoing the widescreen dash until missing e updates to fix this? 

♥ let me know if that helps?


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Anonymous asked: I saw you have a solution about whole replies thing.. I saw your video... The problem is.. I don't have bubble speech.. I have 'ignore' button (it might be hoovering it). I use Chrome. And I don't know how to.. maybe block the 'ignore' button? Can you help me, please? Thank you!

sure, I will try to help! so the first thing is, do you have the missing e browser extension installed? I also use chrome. I  have the ignore button, too… I don’t think there is a way to block it, unfortunately. if you already have missing e installed, tell me more about what it looks like when you try to reply, and I’ll see if I can help… if not, missing e should make it possible! let me know how it goes? xoxoxo

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